april 3rd, 2012

. feeling something in me shift. wanting to find and wear clothes that fit and look lovely. to feel girly and feminine. to look pretty and only have clothes that make me feel great.

. randomly bought myself a few new makeup lovelies from e.l.f.

. dressed up to run errands to the post office

. caught in a sudden shower of hail stones, while still lovely and sunny out

. first thrift store find ever. i’ve been so daunted by the little old lady thrift shops, i’ve never actually browsed the racks. found a dress to bring home. left two that were really cute, but afraid they might not go past ma boobehs.

. ticket for home purchased. surrounding myself with positive energy, that the flight is going to be easy peasy. no hassle, easy toddler to mind while sitting in my lap for over a million hours. looking forward to a beautiful may in oklahoma.. to seeing my family and watching my girl run around and discover somewhere new. looking forward to meeting up with girlfriends, my sisterhood tribe of lovely yum yum pots of delicious magic- in the desert. looking forward to just. being home. breathing the familiar air. settling my feet in the red earth. going on new adventures to old places. but really not looking forward to leaving my man, not looking forward to taking my babe away from her papa for a whole month. but. but but. oh. looking forward to the sweet reunion when we arrive back home. seeing him in the airport and smelling him again, feeling all those butterflies and memories of meetings in the airports. tingly kisses and hands held.

. signed up, and SO excited for this holy work’s doula eCourse if you’re interested in birth work, oh. register! it’s going to be absolutely beautiful..

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  1. Cat said . . .

    oh I so get that girly urge
    the older I get the more it comes
    even adding more colour in my wardrobe….so daring!! lol
    love those past images of Claire with the glasses
    so cute

    love and light

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