april 8th, 2012 {easter}

we watched from the window, yesterday- as a man came with a lawn mower to mow the lush clovers and daisies growing just outside our door. claire and i saying ‘ noooo no no noooo’
argh! i was looking forward to plopping her down in that green and taking some pictures. ah well..

this morning, i woke up with a book slammed in my face. there were earlier warnings, like being climbed all over and talked to and yadda yadda.. i wasn’t paying much attention. until. well, the book. and then we got up far too early for my liking

we got dressed and decided to make it outside before the heavy rain clouds decided to let down for the day

searching for pretty painted eggs among the clovers…




passerby’s stopped to smile at her and say hello
and then we made it home right before the sky opened up, and the wind came howling through the trees

we hope that you are having a beautiful weekend!