from the seashore

. the thick mississippi air smells ever so sweet
. watching my papa pull my baby girl in a little red wagon down the crooked sidewalk
. right next to the base, hearing the trumpet play as the flag is raised early in the morning.
. train tracks that are busy
. the gulf shores just a few blocks walk
. eating junk food until my belly could burst.
. drinking iced tea like my life depends on it.
. lathering 70spf on my skin, because this skin is so purely white… the shade would bake it to a crisp
. watching dolphins play in the very water we’re swimming in
. washing the salt off our skin in an outside shower
. shoulder and nose freckles making their appearance with the kiss of the sun
. trying on pants, returning them later because they’re falling off. what the hell is going on? oh right.. a size smaller seems to fit better. odd how that works, eh?
. getting this thin, scraggly, post partum hair cut and revived.
. missing my hoop. meaning to make one while i’m here..
. finding old sketches in a big sketch book, and adding new ones.

the seven hour flight with a teething ten month old wasn’t bad, we were lucky enough to have an empty seat next to us- and the man sitting next to me was friendly, so didn’t mind a baby being there. (i don’t know what i would do (or will do) without that extra empty seat… we definitely needed it). we had an hour layover, so i let her crawl around and try to burn some energy– before boarding again for a three hour flight.. oy vey. she was over it. she slept for a wee bit, and when she woke she was ready to be left down. done with being confined. but she did good, and people were really lovely- playing peek-a-boo with her when she’d need to be distracted.. so so nice to have nice people around that smile at you and your baby.

we landed, finally- and i carried her through the airport and into her meme and papa tom’s awaiting arms. so nice to finally be here. for her to see them in the flesh instead of just through the wonders of skype… we had an  hour drive from new orleans to their little cottage in biloxi- with iced tea and homemade brownies waiting in the car. ha! mama knows just what i needed.

i fretted about jetlag for this wee one before we flew, but it turned out to not be a big deal.

oh mmm.. mama’s tired. will try to update more.
hopefully grab a usb cable and get some pictures up..i’ve been lazy with taking pictures. soaking it all in and being lazy- snapping with mama’s fancy iphone instead of my own heavy camera… la de daa


  1. Cass said . . .

    Urgh! That just sounds so good. I could do with a slice of that! And iced tea and homemade brownies waiting in the car – perfect! I long for a bit of warm ocean. I have this theory that because I was born by the sea, I need to be near it. Mmm… but yes, pictures! Especially of that new hair of yours xxx

    Posted July 25, 2011 at 1:31 am | Permalink
  2. Shannon said . . .

    If you had been closer to Connecticut, or if I’d lived closer to Mississippi, I absolutely would have invited you over for some hooping fun and would have let you borrow my travel hoop for your entire vacay. :)

    Posted August 12, 2011 at 10:19 am | Permalink

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